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Version 2.0! Out Now, BUGS and IDEAS WANTED!

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  • Version 2.0! Out Now, BUGS and IDEAS WANTED!

    Hey Horse Racing Fans!,

    My name is Michael and I'm the developer who has been working with Liam's amazing formula to bring an unmatched product for you all to enjoy. My main goal is to provide a high quality experience that is not suffering from a single bugs or issue. I want it to work perfect for everyone!

    By the initial reviews, we can see that we're clearly on our way. Oh and thanks, I'm very proud of this system!

    We are NOT done! We want E-Ponies to be the first place you go for all of your horse racing needs. For that to happen, we have created a custom stats engine and a massively upgraded theme in the latest technologies. We think you deserve a great experience and we want to make it happen.

    We need your suggestions and your bugs! If you see something that doesn't work right, or you find something that doesn't look right, let us know. We'll also be adding new features, and we'll be offering more resources for all of your horse racing needs. So let us know what you want as well. Suggestions are always loved! You can always respond here, or on our feedback form on the main site. Please don't forget to provide as much details as you can such as a URL, screenshot, or browser info and we will work hard to resolve it.

    Michael P.
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    Thanks everyone for reporting the missing Keeneland track. We have enabled it as well. Enjoy the horse racing!


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      Hell, I’am just glad to be able to log on again 😎, 👍


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        Marty, I've tried to message you but it wont let me.even though I've deleted old posts. I need to get Free PPs, whob ets does not work any more !

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      Glad you got through. Overall, we had very few issues. There was a bug with the reset password functionality that was fixed within a Day. There was also a small bug on the importing of passwords that we could not fix. Unfortunately, we had to reset peoples passwords due to the differences of systems. Please contact us if you continue to have problems. We understand this may have caused a slight interruption in service and apologize. We're able to fix the password reset problem within 2 minutes of notice from one of our users. We often don't see the issue, so please message Liam or respond here with your issues. We want a great, bug free, experience.

      Link to contact us!

      Here are just some of what we are working on...
      • Currently, we are aware of some subscription expiration e-mail notices being sent on renews that may not be accurate and we are working on a solution for it.
      • We're currently changing the default auto renew functionality for 1 day and 1 week subscriptions.
      • We have added a Bold to the picks for each top score.
      • We're aware that some race sheets might not be complete. The data we need for the statistics we offer is often just not available yet. Please be patient. We will add the races as they come available.

      We have more surprises coming soon.
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        We have added a better Print to the site without using the PDF. It works very well and reduces ink usage.


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          The website developed a slight bug after going live due to the increase in traffic. It was preventing some races from being added. The problem has been resolved. Please, let us know if you find any other problems.


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            We are VERY happy with the response of version 2.0 we are getting from the community. It hasn't been a perfect launch, but we been able to solve every issue quickly. We of course continue to love the feedback you give us, so keep it up!

            With that said, I just finished up the code for the new scratch horse feature. We are testing it a bit right now and will be putting it on the live site shortly.
            NOTE: You will be required to login to get access to this feature, but it will be on ALL accounts, including FREE Accounts!

            So, what is this feature? It allows you to remove a horse from the race by clicking on its name. The page will refresh, and the calculations will run with the new field of horses. The scratch horses will show in the tables footing, and you can continue to click on more and more horses until there is literally only four horses left!

            FYI, This is the first of many releases to come that will continue to expand the site so keep coming BACK!

            Last edited by MichaelP; 11-02-2018, 05:06 PM. Reason: Made some minor adjustments to how we implemented it. It will be coming soon.


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              We are finalizing the fixes for the picks to show properly on narrow displays. If you are having issues, please just look at them in wide mode by turning your phone/tablet. We will have this problem solved shortly.


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                The new version is out NOW!

                Scratch Feature!
                You must be logged in to use this feature. You will notice the horses names are clickable and that clicking it will scratch the horse. We will allow up-to 4 horses to be scratched from the race.

                In addition, we are no longer using tables to display the picks and have moved to a new format that will support narrow screens better. This will not be noticeable unless comparing narrow screens. The best view though for the picks remains to be the wide view.

                We are finalizing the next features and should have them out soon.


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                  As mentioned in the other thread. Cap2Win and the E-Ponies Apps will probably not be working any more. We will be working on the replacements.


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                    We are aware of a problem with the PDF printing on Chrome. Unfortunately, this is an issue with Chrome. The recommended solution is to use any other browser or get a PDF viewer.


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                      We have changed the styling a bit on the Track Listing pages. They now format better on mobile.

                      We also added a News Feed section. We will be adding news to the individual track pages.