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  • E Ponies (Secure and Not Secure)

    Why do I see not secure in the address bar when I logon to download picks, but see secure when I log onto the forum? Actualy I don't even have to log on to the form it's secure when I click on forum> Chrome browser is up to date.

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    My site was hacked about six weeks ago and I'm still doing a lot of cleanup as a result of that incident. The hack did not present any real danger to people who visit the site, but it did a lot of damage to me, including getting all ads directed to my sites cancelled by Google, and lots of users getting warning messages from their anti-malware software. The site is clean again but it takes some time for all the peripheral warnings to resolve.


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      I see many horse racing websites show "not secure" in the address bar.... Just looked at Pace Advantage from which I am barred for posting anyway.. It shows not secure on my computer anyway. Twinspires shows secure and if it didn't I would not play there.. But I've seen other website, which I can't recall off hand that show not secure. Good luck keeping the bad guys away!


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        it is a nightmare when it happens but I am taking measures to prevent it from happening to me again.