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  • One Click Pony iPhone App

    App is not working today. Loads and then crashes. Uninstalled, then reinstalled. Still crashes after loading data. Can you help? Thanks!
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    I am seeing the same thing. I've passed along the issue to my tech team.


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      Ever since the 2.0 site update OCP has been stuck at the "Loading Data, Please wait..." screen. Uninstall/reinstall did nothing to resolve. iOS 12 and 12.0.1


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        The App is beign worked on. Please (on Mobile) load the 2.0 website into a recent browser and click on the link on the bottom of the screen inviting you to "Add to Homescreen". Doing so will make the website behave like an App. It will allow you to browse pages you visited on the device while offline if you read them while online. It will also be faster! We WILL be adding gestures to the web page and the same scratch features found on the app. You just don't need to install anything! It shows up in Chrome, Im looking for a document that will show how to do it in other browsers. You will even get an Icon for your desktop!
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          Here is some instructions that should work for iOS, please let me know if they don't work.

          The technology we use to do this is called PWA or Personal Web Apps. They are the right way to do mobile, and E-Ponies has full support of it. We are coming out with Push Notifications in the future so you will be able to get notices when races are added.


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            Expect the app to go down in the next few days. (If its not already). Please continue to use the website for all your needs.