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    For all you Contest Warriors, BetAmerica, an ADW, has 3 free contests on Sat. Sun. and Mon. listed below. You have to be a member to participate. Payouts are the top 15 in each contest. BetAmerica has some perks. It's not as easy to navigate as other ADWs, so get familiar, especially with contests. I have no affiliation with BA. Most of my contests are played at BA as it's more convenient as they are also an ADW. For me, they have harness contests from Woodbine, Meadowlands, Pompano and Northfield. If you sign up, you can use kdmfox as a referral. Not sure if that's a perk. hahahaha Anyway, free is free, and these are good payouts. I expect there will be at least a thousand in each contest, so don't spend it yet. Should be fun.

    5k contest is t-bred, I believe from Santa Anita. Bow Wows, I think will be Palm Beach Sun. night and harness will be Mon. night from Northfield and Woodbine.

    Good luck !!!!!

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    Thanks for the heads up.

    I finished in 6th pl.
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      That's rather impressive. 6th place was $250.
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        anyone know why betamerica ended there handicapping contests? what a bummer


        • kdmfox
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          The simple answer is they probably weren't making any $ at it. I'd like to give you a more detailed answer but it would require a bit of writing. The contest world change abruptly when the Stronach Group was successful in a lawsuit against Derby Wars.

          Try calling and asking them. I'm sure they have given their CS a canned answer. Their is plenty of info out there so try searches. In the meantime, try Derby Wars. They've been hurt badly but are now taking on tracks they have agreements with. Tread lightly and be selective what you do there. Like all businesses they entice you to do take steps that seem attractive but are designed to keep you playing.

          Good luck !!!