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Wasting money with Pletcher & Brown.

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  • Wasting money with Pletcher & Brown.

    Gulfstream 02/06

    Todd Pletcher
    R1. #7 Alpha Orionis cost $325,000 is running a second time for $12,500, has only two lifetime races.
    R2. #4 Sea Shark cost $310,000 is dropping to $50,000, has only raced twice.

    Chad Brown
    R10. #10 Unlockthepotential $220,000 will run for a $16,000 tag in the 8th race of his career.

    Similar money burners tomorrow.

    Todd Pletcher
    R5. #1 Avocado $250,000 now $50,000, raced 3 times
    R7. #2 Ms. Maximum $110,000 now $50,000 raced 1 time

    Chad Brown
    R5. #4 Peaceful Feeling $250,000 now $50.000, raced 1 time

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    the 7 won the first race was by a dq on the 2 paid 2.80 to win


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      Originally posted by phlierfreak View Post
      the 7 won the first race was by a dq on the 2 paid 2.80 to win
      Too bad for the new connections.

      Both of the Pletcher horses were claimed.
      $625,000 + training and other costs invested and $62,500 + a
      pittance in purse money returned. More than half a million down the drain.


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        Chad Brown's Unlockthepotential also won and was claimed for $16,000, another $200,000 up in smoke.


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          could be a tax write off


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            some horses just don't pan out,some are retrained for jumping


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              In today's 5th race, Peaceful Feeling won & was claimed for 50 grand, $200,000 less than she cost.
              Pletcher's Avocado finished 3rd and goes back home.

              In the 7th Ms. Maximum, finished 4th and stays with Pletcher.

              Owners of race horses get to depreciate their stock over 3 years.
              So, I guess that while losing expensive horses in claimers after a couple of years is a rotten deal,
              it's not so bad for millionaires.


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                well hats off to the millionaires, otherwise we would be wagering on chicken races lol