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    What's the chances of getting an e-pony file for Ky. Downs? Only a couple of days racing, but they put the FULL in full card. Thanks. (Duetowin1)

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    IKR of the best short meets, turf racing at its best, no donkeys allowed lol . just awesome

    oh btw Megan is covering it
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      As of now, we offer a daily and weekly pass for anyone interested. We also provide monthly and Yearly options. They will provide Full card results for all of the races. If you want free, you get only what the program decides to show. We ask you support E-Ponies because we want to provide a great environment for your hobby. In the future, we plan on adding many more social features and we will be including eventually move the Cap2Win functionality into the E-Ponies brand as well. We been looking for better ways to allow our users to share their personal picks and will always take suggestions.