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Jockey's Etiquette or Race Tampering

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  • Jockey's Etiquette or Race Tampering

    Okay this is self-serving but Gulfstream's Race#11 today 01/01/18, saw the favorite "Lady Blessings" being guided by jockey Saez to a small rail opening-- a risky move. The leader at that point #5 (Rahy Momenta) with jockey JC Diaz seems to MOVE allowing LADY the rail. LADY wins, #5 RAHY takes 3rd. My question is this: Must a jockey give the rail to a risk taking jockey? Granted horse-jockey safety issues are involved, but should SAEZ be charged with reckless endangerment? (I'm really asking for opinions here) At stake was a single ticket on the Rainbow 5, if #5 should have won. Also, SAEZ seems to "thank" DIAZ several times after the race, with both riders engaging in high 5s. It just makes me long for watching (and playing) hockey. Is the jockey there to win or be nice?

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    I have never seen anything that looked like a jockey "giving" the rail up voluntarily or courteously. I have seen horses carry wide off the rail when they had it on the turn. That's one scenario. I think centrifugal force makes it hard to stick too close. And in the stretch, I think the jockey in the lead has a selfish interest in moving over some when he feels that horse behind him pushing against his flank. If they clip heels it doesn't work out well for him either.


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      Derek2U...........I went back and watched the race in question. The 5 horse at 70-1 happened to set a pace he could not sustain through the stretch, albeit the horse put in a commendable effort. As they turned for home, (without a head on view, it is hard to confirm, however this is the case), the 5 bore out slightly, as referenced by Grindstones notation. Through the stretch to the finish from the 16th pole, Lady Blessings had all the room in the world to run on. This was not a risky move what-so-ever. Go back and watch jockeys such as Calvin Borel and Angel Cordero in their heydays, RISK, you would not believe the moves these guys made with a mere 50 yrds to the finish. Rest assure, if there was any foul play observed by the stewards, there would have been an inquiry. The race finished in the stretch as clean as day. Hope this clears up any doubts.


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        As a footnote.............I happen to be 64 yrs old, and have seen my share scumbags in racing through the years. There use to be, many moons ago, some bad news individuals in horse racing. The racing industry has taken this bad wrap on the chin for decades, and one may assume they have deserved it. The oversight of racing today does not tolerate cheating, or deception of any type. If anyone is caught these days, the consequences are dire. Are there bad people? You bet there are, but they are isolated incidences and are dealt with severely. If anyone is skeptical of the honesty of the thoroughbred racing industry, they should not be involved in the sport in any manner. I will also add, there is such a thing as racing luck, and there is also unlucky. I am sometimes not very happy with the ride a jockey has given my selection, and I have been known to rant over it, but I refrain from accusations of cheating. Gee, haven't we all felt, from time to time that we got a bad beat........That's what Horse Racing and gambling is all about......LOL
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      Hello BIT... I don't know if the viewing shows how grateful SAEZ was to DIAZ for moving off the rail. Maybe it was DIAZ's best tactic with a tiring?? horse. BUT still, would that favorite have won if DIAZ stood his rail position? Maybe. Owners/trainer/bettors weren't helped by the DIAZ decision, that I'm sure of.