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Like early DD at Mahoning Tyesday

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  • Like early DD at Mahoning Tyesday

    1st Ohio breds in 1st. I am thinking snowy , I don't know if they will run but I like 1,4,5 in the 1st. The 1 will most like; be on the lead he will get pressure but Jock is a good speed rider. The 4 will be very close to the speed. The jock opted of the 1 . The 5 will be mid pace and come late. Very close race. Playing $2 Tri and $1 Super 1,4,5/1,4,5/1,3,4,5,6/all DD $20 1.4.5/3,4
    2nd Playing $2 Tri. and $1 Super 2.4/1,2,4,5/1,2,4,5,7/all. I usually don't bet a Ohio bred in open company but the 4 has run some big races against plugs like these.
    9th. Box 3,6,9 $2. Add a few for 3rd and 4th.