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Spot play method using the sheets

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  • Spot play method using the sheets

    I have been away from the horses for a while, anyone have a good spot play method using the sheets. Any help would be great tia jeff

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    its like this, you can visit ten pay sites for horse picks ,you will find 5 winners in a 10 horse field,ya rough right, and more than likely none are the in the photo again rough, best way, read 10 books on horse racing, put them down and read them 364 days a year , take parts of the books that strike a light bulb in your brain. take those parts and combine them for your own set of rules on the subject , the way I do it comes out to 90% math with rules on the final conclusion for the winner , no short cuts to make profit in this sport
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      The Sheets are too expensive for recreational bettors.