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sys for Clm 6.0--5.5

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  • sys for Clm 6.0--5.5

    This system is made for only claiming races of 6.0--5.5 only NO opt-clm,Alw,Str Alw,Turf races Now for the works everything is on what to look for Bris gives you his TOP-3/Class/Speed/Pace under Angles now that you have that up find the one horse (sometimes you may have 2) that are on his Top-3,Class,Speed but can NOT be on Pace at all okay now that you have it go to SPEED and click that on it will give you the AVG Numbers for E1-E2-LATE-SPEED what we want is the E1 so click that one the horse that we found needs to be 4th or more on E1 now if you have 2 find the horse that has the better E2 ..
    So lets take a look at GP RACE-3/#3 Today
    TOP-3/1-3-7 CLASS 3-1-8 SPEED 1-7-3 PACE 8-1-5 SPEED> 4-6-7-1-3 #3 WON $15.20-$5.60-$5.00
    Now this is useing the power of BRIS"s COMPUTER could you bet a horse off 228 day layoff well thats what he was

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    Hi alydar .do u still have the briz pp still stored on yr pc, ? if so would u like to share ,I would like to take a peek at something .


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      sorry guy i do not keep pp