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  • Just a Weird Angle?

    Do post time favorites tend to win a higher % of races in the 1ST RACE of the day at tracks as opposed to their overall winning % ?

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    can i phone a friend?


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      No they do not.


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        Okay, but what about the reverse... Do post time favorites win a higher % of the track's LAST race of the day as opposed to their overall %?


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          No, that is also not statistically proven.


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            The beat goes on when it comes to horse racing in one manner or another. So many tracks I guess survive today only because of Table games and/or slots. I think to believe horse racing is 100% on the up and up is to believe in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus or pick something else... But my guess and I don't have the facts to back this up is that at the "smaller tracks" and again that's probably a matter of definition, games are more likely to be played and when they are, it does not tend to happen in the last race of the day... Something along the lines of sending the public with a "good taste" in their mouth... But hey that's just me an old timer and I don't have a Twitter account nor a smart phone.