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  • Triple Crown Team Contest

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    Triple Crown, 3 Weekend (Fri. and Sat.) Team Contest

    Entire race cards.

    5/4 Fri. Churchill Downs ... Kentucky Oaks
    5/5 Sat. Churchill Downs ... Kentucky Derby

    5/18 Fri. Pimlico ... Black Eyed Susan
    5/19 Sat. Pimlico ... Preakness

    6/8 Fri. Belmont ... Multiple Stakes
    6/9 Sat. Belmont ... The Belmont

    Each team to consist of 2 players.

    Scoring to be the $2 WPS payoffs, all selections score. Caps will be in play (40-20-10)

    PPs will be sent to players via email as soon as they are available.

    2 selections per team player, per race. No alternate picks. ML favorite for all substitutions.

    Selections are to be posted EXACTLY as follows:


    1) 1,2
    2) 1,2
    3) 1,2
    4) 1,2
    5) 1,2
    6) 1,2
    7) 1,2
    8) 1,2
    9) 1,2
    10) 1,2
    11) 1,2
    12) 1,2
    13) 1,2
    14) 1,2

    Although I have presented the format, it will be adjusted to the # of races and # of entrants in each race.

    There will be 1 selection with races that have 8 or less entrants.
    There will be 2 selections if there are 9+ entrants.
    I should be able to have the final format up at least 3 days prior to each race card.

    Selections must submitted 45 min. prior to 1st post
    Make changes in red up to 15 min. prior to 1st post

    Prizes -- Team --Pool $300

    The top team each weekend $50.
    The top 2 overall team scores after the 6 race days $100 - $50.

    Prizes -- Individuals -- Pool $375

    The top 2 Player scores each weekend $50 - $25.
    The top 3 overall Player scores after the 6 race days $75 - $50 - $25.

    1. kdmfox – depsycco (Chump Change)
    2. oneg12
    – sues
    3. arsignman – bitowisdom
    4. animalheck – duetowin1
    5. bosshoss - jeffthebaker

    *Can’t play without a team name !!!

    3 or 4 days ago, I posted I was going to combine the WPS contest with the team contest. At the time the WPS contest was closed. I did offer that anyone that wanted to play needed to sign up on a team which was $25 or 12.50 each. No one did. There’s $675 in the pools and 8 players, about $85 each. There are 19 individual prizes if you consider all the team prizes are split, which is about 2.5 for each player. I can’t really think of any compelling reason to keep this contest open.

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    Reserved ...
    Proud member of the Angry Mob.


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      Oneg12 and SueS will play


      • #4
        arsignman and bitowisdom will play


        • #5
          like the kid that gets picked last for a baseball agent


          • #6
            Animalheck picks twice as many winners as I do. I would be proud to partner up. P.S. (after you got picked last, they made me umpire.)


            • animalheck
              animalheck commented
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              how about "Final Selections" for a team name?

            • duetowin1
              duetowin1 commented
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              works for me

            • kdmfox
              kdmfox commented
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              how about "The WTFs"?

              Final Selections sounds like a quiz show.

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            Teams need a name.
            Proud member of the Angry Mob.


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              I'm willing to play


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                Cruzan2002 if you need a partner I will play with you.just let me know..


                • #10
                  Alright BOSSHOSS let's do it!!!!!


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                    the tyrant has already closed the contest. so unless liam makes him let you in? you may as well look for UFO's.


                    • #12
                      Cruzan2002,sendind my entry fee today,an you can pick team name..


                      • kdmfox
                        kdmfox commented
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                        Boss ... cruzan won't be a starter.

                    • #13
                      gary jaeckel sucks for a team name


                      • kdmfox
                        kdmfox commented
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                        How about

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                      still bitter


                      • kdmfox
                        kdmfox commented
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                        Yeah, that was a tough beat in the Survivor. I think the real problem is Sue is murder to live with now since her win. Or doesn't she know? I sent the $ to you. Gary J wouldn't have done that.

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                      Originally posted by bosshoss View Post
                      Cruzan2002,sendind my entry fee today,an you can pick team name..
                      Don't understand cruzan won't be a starter...but if he's playing we r a team if he's not playing I need a partner..


                      • kdmfox
                        kdmfox commented
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                        He won't be playing. And I'm doing you a favor. cruzan has a problem following instructions. On the 3rd time he was late posting his picks, I wouldn't accept his entry. He had a meltdown and told me he wasn't going to play anymore and for me to keep his entry fee which I believe was $25. He said I needed it more than him. I sent it back to him despite making a gift of it. The irony is, everyone that was in that particular contest is in the team contest today, plus I sent them all their entry fees back also because I changed things up. hahahaha Now he shows up 2 months later, takes a few cheap shots at me, then sees the TC contest, pisses his pants, and announces he's willing to play.

                        It would be impossible for him to adhere to a few simple guidelines for 6 days straight. If I had to DQ him any day, which would be likely for his cheap shots, you'd could kiss your team chances goodbye.

                        Soooo, you'll have no problem getting a partner. I know you can play. Refresh my memory, didn't I give you an invite to participate in the contests a while back? Sooooo, welcome.

                      • jeffthebaker
                        jeffthebaker commented
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                        Bosshoss I sent the $25.00 entry fee just now if you'll team up with me