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  • Entry Info --- Points --- P2P Players

    Entry fee for the RTTTC 50+ contests ending with The Belmont is $30. The Triple Crown (5) race programs Smackdown will be $15. There will be points awarded in the WPS and Exacta Box contests of 30 points each (10-8-6-4-2) Add 2 points (12-10-8-6-4) for the top 5 finishers for the TC race programs (5) Total points available will be 1,500+

    A separate Triple Crown Smackdown will be $15.

    Send the $30 or $15 PayPal (Please include e-ponie id) to

    Entries will be accepted for the Points to Cash contest until Jan. 20. Receipt of the $30 constitutes an entry.

    * RTTTC + Triple Crown * ---> * $830
    * Triple Crown Smackdown * ---> * $250
    ***************************** 1/15 1/20 1/27 1/28 2/3 2/4 2/10 2/17 2/19 ** ** ** ** ** ** ** * ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
    animalheck (76) 10 20 4 8 24 10
    arsignman (39) 5 12 4 8 10
    barneytheball (5) 5
    bitowisdom (30) 8 12 10
    canleakid (28) 8 2 4 14
    chackiee (14) 12 2
    cialitos (18) 8 2 2 6
    depsycco (20) 2 6 12
    duetowin1 (14) 2 6 6
    funkymonkey (28) 8 2 8 10
    guest (30) 8 4 10 8
    kdmfox (44) 12 14 16 2
    nijinsky (50) 6 22 4 4 14
    oneg12 (45) 15 8 6 4 12
    sues (4) 4
    tiger rose (28) 20 8
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    I received an entry with no e-ponie id, probably because I never asked for one. I've added that to how to enter. I think it's arsignman, but I'm not sure. Has initials of RS. I tried to send him a PM but his PM box is maxed out. Click image for larger version

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      “ “You've sent $30.00 to”

      via paypal 😎


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        I removed all ways of funding Paypal last month, because someone used Paypal to overcharge my credit card and overdraft my checking account.
        I will never link anymore of my accounts to Paypal again.

        I began using Paypal shortly after they started operations many years ago.
        In all those years I never used the service more than 5 times a year and
        the credit card that I had on Paypal was only used for Paypal transactions.

        I don't understand why Paypal, Wells Fargo bank and the credit card company would OK more than
        30 (between $300 & $1,200) large transactions that occurred within just a few minutes.

        Some transactions were even going through as I was speaking with a representative from the credit card company.
        The woman told me, that they have to accept the charges and that I could file a dispute when I get my bill.
        I told her to just freeze my account and hung up.

        Luckily paypal sends seller information with each transaction and me,
        my daughter & my son got busy and were able to cancel all of the orders before they got sent out.

        Some more things.
        I see that the preliminary contest cost $30 and the finals cost $50.
        That doesn't seem fair to me. Why should someone that didn't help fund the contest get in so cheaply.

        Fair would be that all participants that paid for the preliminaries can get into the finals for $50 in points/cash or any combination of both,
        and anyone playing in just the finals should have to pay much more.

        Also a couple of entrants are going to score much more than 50 points.
        How are they going to get compensated, if at all for their scores over 50?


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          I won't comment on your PayPal stuff. That's the world we live in.

          Fair is in the eyes of the beholder. The RTTTC (Run up) is $30. I've already changed that several times. Hopefully, I won't have to change much after Mon. The "preliminaries" are an exercise in getting into the Finals with credits. The $1,070 in post #1 are the credits offered so far. the credit pot is high enough for 21 entries into the Finals. Credits can only be used to get into the Finals. The credit number is a total of donations plus $30 entry fees. I'm going to cap the credits at 1,200 and entries after that will go into the Finals pool. I could have put the donations into the Finals and used the entry fees to build the credit pool, which means the credit awards would be a work in progress.

          The Finals are a work in progress. I have an idea what I'm going to do, but won't really decide until after 4/14. The $50 was just off the top off head. There's absolutely no history of P2P being popular here. Free contests that last a while quickly disintegrate here. $30 is a bargain for as many contests there are. The programs are worth more than $30. There are 20 books. There will be at least $40 a week in credits. I can make the contests interesting enough. If someone wants to sit on the sidelines for 3 months and pass on some friendly contests, be my $50 guest. No one is going to get rich on this contest.

          If I raise the Finals entry to $100, the credits will go to $100 also to get in the Final.

          As for your question. Anyone that has an excess of $50 in credits will get paid the excess in the end with the prize pool payout, which will decrease the Final pot minimally. What about a player that has $15 in credits and chooses not to participate in the Final? You have to draw a line somewhere. The line I drew says credits are to be used for the Final. One can say I'm forcing someone into the Finals. That's a pretty impressive schedule for $30. Anyway, to each his own.

          If you'd like to participate, let me know. The rules state, receipt of a $30 fee is the entry. I'll bend that to having players declare and have a week or two to get me their entry. That's for anyone else also.
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            I spoke with my sister and she told me that she will send my entry fee.


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              I see something in the nature of $50. What exactly is this book? Do i need to send more money?


              • kdmfox
                kdmfox commented
                Editing a comment
                I've posted a pic of that book several times in threads under the RTTTC forum heading. If you want me to autograph your book, send me the $50 you think something is in the nature of.

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              I was just curious. I don't do P2P.