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    It was the March 3rd contest at GP. The week after you dis allowed me because i did it wrong. Must of did it right because i was graded and had over $200 won. Did not get noticed so thot i was out.


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      richiec ... There was a week you entered all 3 contests on a Sat., the last contest I think was Delta Downs that ended around midnite. All 3 contests were off what I require for format. I left you 3 notes. You didn't change any of them. I edited all 3 and scored them. The next week your selections were in the same state, so I DQ'd them. The next week your selections were ok and you had the highest score.

      It's well known that I don't care to score walk ins. alydar knew it and I wrote it the last 2 weeks. Last Sat. was not a P2P. Several players submitted chinese puzzles. Neither of them were from the P2P crowd. You had the highest score the previous week. I scored your entry despite saying that same week I wouldn't score walk ins, a walk in being someone that was non P2P, which that contest was part of. A requirement of a P2P is an entry fee. Period. I don't run a P2P contest to have walk ins come in, ignore the format, ignore my comments to clean things up, and then comment they got no recognition because they think they won. 90% of my aggravation is from walk ins, not because they were there as much as when they got there, they brought their own rules and guidelines with them.

      There's a reason that those that have a little skin in the game, make themselves a lot more aware of what's going on around them.

      Nothing can be easier than the format I require.
      1) 2,4
      2) 4,7
      3) 3,5

      It's time to move on.

      Proud member of the Angry Mob.


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        I'm in.............