I have noticed a pattern developing at Mahoning Valley ( or maybe it's been there all this time) for super bets. when I get my data and run the distribution there is always 1 to 4 horses no handicappers (nation-wide) select to finish 1st to 3rd. These non-selected horses get dropped to the bottom of my list and are given a value of zero. I'm not sure why these horses didn't even get one nod to finish 3rd by some handicapper..

Sometimes there is a horse that has odds lower than 10-1, yet still no selections to finish 1st - 3rd. What I see consistently happening (for the last two months) is; those horses that no one selects"long-shots" have been hitting the board consistently in 4th or 3rd place. However, the consistency looks like a strong association to non selection. What I mean is, at times I'm almost certain that a non-selected horse will make it on the ticket at 3rd or 4th place.

Please do not confuse this with the long shot that hits the board as an upset and wins.....I'm more focused about the GROUP of non-selected horses that are consistently finishing 4th or 3rd. The rate at which this is happening at Mahoning (eye-ball test) is at a rate of 6 out of 8 races.... any thoughts?

For Example

Tuesday -2/7/2017
R1: #2 in 3rd
R2: #3 in 3rd
R4: #2 in 3rd
R5: #4 in 3rd
R6: #7 in 2nd - #4 in 3rd
R7: #7 in 2nd - #2 in 3rd

Tuesday -1/31/2017
R1: #3 in 2nd
R2: #4 in 3rd
R3: #7 in 3rd
R5: #5 in 4th
R8: #10 in 4th